Monday, 13 February 2012


Who dares dispute the sublime universality of The Law Of Fives? Certainly not the somewhat shady Kent-based outfit Pye Corner Audio, whose Head Technician here selects the five tracks that are currently providing some respite from his valuable archive work (and preparations for Feb 17th's edition of The Outer Church) hmm, mysterious dot dot dot

1. Led Zeppelin 'Ten Years Gone'
"Beautifully melancholic, that progression just gets me every time... and when the harmony guitars come in at 4:18 - oh my!"

2. The Beatles 'Dear Prudence'
"Again with the descending progression... the piano that creeps in for half a bar toward the end, just beautifully produced. As they all were."

3. Naked Lunch 'God'
"I first heard this in a Parisian hotel room, midway through a month long studio session. I was so sleep deprived I thought I had hallucinated this song. Drums is amazing..."

4. Holden '10101'
"Love the arrangement, and the general wonkiness. I'm guessing that he edits between lots of different live takes, sounds that way to me anyway. Always gets the shoulder frug going over here (I'm doing it right now)."

5. Jonny L 'This Time' (Carl Craig Remix)
"Carl Craig at the height of his powers on this mix. One of his epic builders with a groove that kills."

Pye Corner Audio will be appearing at the February 17th edition of The Outer Church at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, get tickets here.

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Mr. Primate said...

Ten Years Gone - fetches ducks off water that as my old Grandpa used to say.