Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Brighton-based multi-instrumentalist Kemper Norton is responsible for some of the most unsettling music ever to trouble the dreams of humankind and shake the beams of The Outer Church, and he's back for the Feb 17th edition with new material in tow. Here, in accordance with The Law Of Fives, the Cornish emigre and slurtronic specialist presents the five tracks that have been fuelling his nocturnal missions to the outer reaches of rural psychedelia...

1. Incredible String Band 'The Half-Remarkable Question'
"Just before they came totally untethered. Touching, ludicrous, grandiose, ramshackle."

2. The Fall  'Before The Moon Falls'
"British psychedelic drug music at its most grey and terrifying."

3. Vapourspace 'Gravitational Arch Of 10'
"US Psychedelic drug music at its most dayglo and joyful."

4. Richard Skelton 'River Song'
"All his stuff is absolutely beautiful. Haunting, melancholy and enveloping."

5. Prince 'The Beautiful Ones'
"My favourite five minutes of the 80s, and it still makes my heart leap every time I hear it."

Kemper Norton will be appearing at the February 17th edition of The Outer Church at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, get tickets here.

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