Sunday, 22 April 2012


For this edition of The Outer Church Fogcast, Oregon-based artist/writer Brian Churilla takes us in search of an American folk hero. Churilla's acclaimed new comic book The Secret History Of DB Cooper (Oni Press) is a fantastical elaboration on a genuine mystery: the true story of the only successful skyjacking in US history, whose perpetrator was never caught...

Nova Scotian Arms - Crystalline Gaze
DB Cooper - Transmission #46
Slomo - The Bog (excerpt)
Dolphins Into The Future - On The High Seas
ElpH - Gnomic Verses
Little Owl - Galen Rowell
Ship Canal - The Men In My Life
Raime - You Will Lift Your Frame Clear
The Psychogeographical Commission - The Fertile Omnipitence Of The Underside
Suzanne Ciani - Paris 1971
DB Cooper - Transmission #26

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