Monday, 30 January 2012


Earth's Dylan Carlson is currently gathering funds for a forthcoming solo project. Wonders has a projected release date of May 2013 and will be available in various formats. Some more details here: 

"The recording will combine field recordings from various megalithic and other sites of human/fairy encounters across the UK, also the use of ritual and folkloric magical practices. The expedition will be filmed by Clyde Petersen. These recordings will be layered with Dylan's interpretations of classic Scots-English ballads about human/fairy encounters from early modern England and Scotland (15th-18th century). It will also feature guest vocalists to sing the songs. This is not being done through a label, as Earth's output has, but is a labor of love/obsession of Dylan's. Being primarily of Scots-English descent, this is an historical journey to his personal and cultural past, embracing music/folklore/the occult dimension and history."

Should you feel inclined to help out, visit the project page at Kickstarter!

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