Saturday, 21 January 2012


Issue #2 of the all-new OC is designed to work as an all-out assault on the fabric of reality, paying tribute to those visionaries whose remarkable written work continues to offer inspiration while hailing the sinister sounds of elsewhere. Two films, three live acts... one Church.

Courtesy of Respect! Films, The Outer Church presents an unmissable double bill of acclaimed documentaries illuminating the lives and careers of two visionary British writers and countercultural icons. Directed by Patrick Meaney, 'Talking With Gods' and 'Captured Ghosts' were produced with the full cooperation of Morrison and Ellis and incorporate interviews with the artists alongside colleagues and contemporaries including Helen Mirren, Douglas Rushkoff, Joss Whedon, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns, Patton Oswalt, Stoya, Matt Fraction, Katelan Foisy and more. The influence of Morrison and Ellis on The Outer Church is immense; this double bill is intended as a tribute to their brilliance.

Since their OC debut last year mysterious London-based collective Old Apparatus have performed live alongside Philip Jeck and Fennesz, released their second 12" 'Zebulon/Hammerhand' for DEEP MEDi and assembled acclaimed mixtapes for Electronic Explorations and BigUp. In addition there's a cassette due on the Tapeworm label (Stephen O'Malley/Simon Fisher Turner/Philip Jeck) and the outfit are currently recording their full-length debut for DEEP MEDi. Unique and unbound by generic constraints, Old Apparatus loiter on the vanguard of contemporary bass music.

With his 'Black Mill Tapes' series, Pye Corner Audio has administered a shot of ectoplasmic energy to the evanescent area of haunted audio, bringing elements of Carpenter soundtrack, glassy electronic drone and cosmic disco into the mix. 'Black Mill Tapes Vol.3' is PCA's current release and represents a further evolution of the outfit's unsettling sound ++STOP PRESS++ The Outer Church has just received the exciting news that the Head Technician is currently working on his debut PCA album for the esteemed Ghost Box label.

A longtime friend and associate of The Outer Church, Kemper Norton is the South Coast's finest - indeed only - proponent of slurrtronic folk sounds. Blending acoustic instrumentation with synthetic sonorities and his own spectral vocals, he conjures a sound suggestive of a rural Coil. Recently spotted wassailing on the allotment, he brings his finely-textured twisted roots music to The Outer Church for the third time.

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bobsy said...

Boring question but... What's the running order going to be? Can you put the Morrison doc on first? I'm not fussed about seeing it again, but quite fancy the Ellis one.

So I can have my tea at leisure before coming out, you understand.

Meatbreak said...

Line-up looks amazing. nice poster too.