Tuesday, 31 January 2012


East London outfit Old Apparatus emerged last year with a self-titled 12" on dubstep label Deep Medi. The 12" consisted of two extended tracks which defied categorisation but seemed to suggest a form of piston-powered bass music, an impression reinforced by their astonishing, steampunk-ish artwork (see below). This was followed by the equally remarkable 'Zebulon'/'Hammerhand' 12" and a number of intriguing mixtapes which indicated a tremendously diverse set of influences. In the first of an irregular series for The Outer Church, Old Apparatus pick the five tracks that are currently grinding their gears...

1. Legowelt 'Sturmvogel' 
"Taken from his first vinyl release 'Pimpshifter' in 1998. Legowelt's creations draw influence from the best of early techno and '80s electro. This is a great track for the dance floor."

2. Tim Hecker 'Hatred Of Music I-II' 
"Fascinating how an age-old instrument like the church organ can sound so fresh and powerful. Love the wailing melodies. Ben Frost's engineering is instantly recognisable for his unique approach to sculpting noise in such a way that it sounds massive but not too harsh."

3. The Knife 'We Share Our Mother's Health' 
"Just love it at the moment."

4. Wiley vs Lethal B 'Who Won?' 
"Back when grime wasn't saturated with pop ballads (and money) it was a genuinely exciting time for followers of the UK underground. With lyrics like "Your mum's got Athletes Foot" and "Your mum's got Aids and she's skinny like a twig" you know you're in for a good listen. 
Lethal won by the way."

5. The Haxan Cloak 'The Fall'

Old Apparatus will be appearing at the February 17th edition of The Outer Church at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, get tickets here.

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