Monday, 23 January 2012


John Ronson interviews Robbie Williams about UFOs for Radio 4, August 2008. The Outer Church has a certain affection for the charismatic ex-Take That entertainer: lest we forget, the sleeve of Williams's 2005 album Intensive Care was designed by writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely and incorporated a specially designed sigil. If this wasn't enough to demonstrate the singer's keen interest in the paranormal, photographs later emerged of a bearded, slightly portly Williams alongside reports that he had become obsessed with UFOs. Though his pop appeal had slackened slightly since his 90s peak, it looked like Williams was about to enter the most interesting phase of his career. Of course, he rejoined Take That shortly after, which dragged him away from ufology and back into the arenas. Nevertheless, we hold out hope for the double-disc alien abductee concept album Williams surely has in him. Note: there is a third part of this programme on YouTube here but for some reason it will not embed in this post. Coincidence... or something more sinister?

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