Wednesday, 19 May 2010


When The Outer Church raises its multiple voices in unholy discord (a la the intro to Children Of The Stones) to proclaim that something a bit special is coming up, best believe it's the truth. For the June 2010 edition of t'Church will feature Special Guest DJ Ian Hodgson aka Moon Wiring Club conjuring - in his words - "AN ELECTRONIX FIZZPOP SLURRED ITALO SYNTHPOP SPACE EXPLOSION" ...with perhaps the odd chip from the chocolate fireball himself, Joseph Stannard. Um, that's me.

For a taste of Moon Wiring Club's eldritch steez, download Ian's superb Solid Steel Mix for Ninja Tune here.

Want more? Course you do. Ian's exclusive ASDA Mix for The Wire is available here.

Lawks! There's a free 4-track EP to download here.

And of course, you really should purchase all three Moon Wiring Club albums from here.

"Ooh, teacake time!"

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