Tuesday, 2 November 2010



I'll be covering my adventures at Krakow's Unsound Festival 2010 in the pages of The Wire, but just wanted to give a heads up regarding the video artist Jade Boyd, who accompanied the terrific live set from soundtrack maestro Alan Howarth. Although the performance was intriguing partly because it foregrounded Howarth's film music, the visuals were far from ignorable, working as a fitting tribute to the cinematic sources, primarily the films of John Carpenter, including Prince Of Darkness, They Live, Escape From New York and Halloween III: The Season Of The Witch (which I believe to have inspired Carpenter and Howarth's finest score). I found Howarth and Boyd's collaboration curiously moving; I was reminded just how significant a part of my own cultural life these films and this music are, the manner in which certain sounds and images have entered into a highly personal dream catalogue. Definitely a highlight of the festival. Above is a clip showing some of Boyd's live visuals for Kyle Hall's DJ set in the Fabrika venue, also at Unsound.

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